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Roycemore School in Evanston is conveniently located for you. We are less than a 25 min. commute from dozens of Chicago neighborhoods.

Visit Roycemore Private School and discover all about how your student will succeed in our school.

We serve students from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12.

Your student can benefit from our Early Childhood Preschool program of intentional play which enhances each students' cognitive, physical, linguistic, social and emotional abilities.

Our Elementary School program strives to help your student develop self-esteem and lifelong learning skills in a safe, nurturing and diverse community. Teachers know where your student is on a continuum of knowledge and support their unique growth throughout the year by focusing on the growth of the whole child.

Roycemore’s Middle School is more than school ... it is an Experience. Your student will engage in unique learning opportunities that are challenging, individualized, engaging, and student-directed.

Our High School program is rooted in academic, personal, and social growth objectives that will identify and bring out your student's strengths. Your student will improve their reading, writing, and  critical thinking as key areas. We will help them focus on developing into strong, self-reliant individuals who express their beliefs with respect for themselves and others.

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